Sailed at Ainsdale on Sea

Sunday the 17th of June 2018

Briefing at 11:30 on the beach.

Please complete the form below to enable us to establish numbers likely to race.

This is not registration for the event, registration will take place on the beach prior to the briefing. 

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Only 41 places left for this race.

You might also know these people who intend to race:

  • Charles Adams ent 22272 wlyc
  • Clive Porter Enterprise 21800 wlyc
  • Dave Porter Ent 22102 WLYC
  • Anne Rushton GP14 14122 WLYC
  • Stephen Roberts Laser Radial 213074 West Lancashire Yacht Club
  • Garry Knott Laser 212459 Pennine
  • George Graham Laser 158399 Burwain
  • George Pulman Laser 207113 Dovestone
  • Howard Wolstencroft Laser 194782 Dovestone sc

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